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The Benefit of Celebrating Your Wins in Recovery

Author: Justine Rickard M.A.

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For anyone who has ever lived with or supported a loved one with an eating disorder, it becomes very clear how much shame, defeat, and hopelessness play a role in perpetuating and fuelling the ED. The ED mindset of “never good enough” can end up seeping into every domain of life - even into recovery. When we buy into the belief that nothing we ever do is enough, or that success is just on the other side of another, more “deserving” accomplishment, we can wind up getting stuck running a race with a finish line that is constantly shifting, never feeling like we actually “make it”.

Celebrating our wins and accomplishments in recovery is essential for maintaining hope and motivation throughout the inevitable ups and downs, as well as challenging the perfectionism that can often leave us feeling stuck or paralyzed. This is not about “settling” or giving the ED permission, which some clients fear. It is about challenging the ED’s tendency to minimize and dismiss big and small recovery actions. The pursuit of recovery rarely (if ever) involves drastic, overnight changes. Recovery happens when we stitch together more and more daily recovery step - no matter how “small”. It is hard to do this if we are not actively looking out for and highlighting all of the actions we are currently taking.

What can you celebrate about your recovery this week? What are some of your wins? Exploring these in a journal or with your supports can be a great way to emphasize the steps you’re taking and help shift your perspective around how far you’ve come and all the hard work you’re doing. Your wins deserve to be celebrated!


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