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Why travel to Brandon?

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Tucked away in Western Manitoba, Brandon is a relatively unknown place. Many people from areas like Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto have never visited Brandon, and possibly haven’t even heard of it. So why would clients pass up staying in their home cities to travel to attend Westwind?

Many clients who come to Westwind enjoy the anonymity they have here. Being able to get space from family members and friends, while staying connected through technology, gives them the privacy and freedom they need to focus on recovery and the core issues they will be addressing. Daily distractions that could arise when attending programming in their hometown do not happen while away. The distance clients have from their family and friends allows for uninterrupted time at Westwind, to help prepare them for when they do go home and face the challenges of everyday life.

Brandon is often described as a rural city – many of the same services and amenities are available that you would find in a larger centre, but there is a small town feel that is comfortable and safe. Clients are encouraged to explore the community in their free time, and most places are within walking distance (we also have bicycles that many clients enjoy using in the summer months). One of the things many clients from out of province comment on is how friendly people are here – our provincial motto is “Friendly Manitoba” for a reason! There are many hidden gems in Brandon, including museums, art galleries, local coffee shops, yoga studios, and of course, Westwind.

When considering treatment options, many potential clients hesitate to travel to Manitoba. However, once they get here, they find that spending time in Brandon is well worth it. Much like the city, Westwind is a welcoming place where clients can find the space in their lives to address the eating disorder. Westwind provides care, comfort, and a sense of home away from home.

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