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International No Diet Day 2017

Saturday May 6th, 2017 is International No Diet Day. With summer fast approaching this is a good time for organizations and individuals to push back against harmful diet messages that state in order for us to enjoy summer we must be “beach body” ready. On this day, we celebrate body diversity and body acceptance, including fat acceptance, and embrace health at every size®. We honor our bodies in adapting health habits for the sake of health and well-being, not for weight control; and raise awareness of the potential dangers of dieting. HISTORY OF NO DIET DAY International No Diet Day first appeared in the UK in 1992. Since then countries around the world have been celebrating this day, and it is no surprise why. Dieting (restricting ones intake for the purpose of decreasing ones weight) although it may result in the desired weight change, studies show that the weight loss is usually only temporary and the weight is often regained within the first 5 years following the diet. Furthermore, dieting poses many health risks such as: reducing ones metabolic rate, increasing food cravings leading to over-eating, resulting in nutritional deficiencies, and contributing to insomnia and even constipation, to name a few. HOW CAN I CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL NO DIET DAY? Celebrating International No Diet Day is best done by celebrating your body. This can be done by accepting and respecting the natural diversity of your body’s shape and size, and rejecting specific weight standards. It can also be achieved by participating in joyful movement and eating for well-being not for weight/shape outcomes. Which involves accepting all foods and practicing mindful and intuitive eating principals (listening to cues of appetite, hunger, satiety, fullness and taste preferences). HOW TO BECOME BEACH BODY READY Step 1: Put a swimsuit on your body Step 2: Take your body to the beach

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