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World Eating Disorders Action Day

Since the 1970s, information about eating disorders and their treatment has become more available to clinicians, family members, people who are struggling, and the general population. Despite this, very few people have access to accurate, real-life information about eating disorders. That's why on June 2, 2016, numerous organizations from around the world are banding together to raise awareness about this mental illness that affects so many people. This is World Eating Disorders Action Day.

Becoming more aware of the facts around eating disorders is important for many reasons. Awareness helps to combat the stigma that surrounds those who struggle with an eating disorder, both in terms of what populations eating disorders effect, and what it is actually like to live with ED. Eating disorders know no boundaries - they cross gender, cultural, racial, socio-economic, and sexual orientation lines. Eating disorders are not a choice - nor are they a cry for attention. Eating disorders are a serious mental illness stemming from a combination of biological and environmental factors, often with deadly results. Check out the "Nine Truths about Eating Disorders".

Having an open, honest conversation about eating disorders also opens the door to discussions about advocacy and treatment options, as well as the barriers that arise in accessing care. From these discussions can come real-world solutions, so that more prevention strategies, resources, evidence-based treatment centres, and aftercare programs can be implemented to better help those in need.

For more information about the World Eating Disorders Action Day, visit their website at Follow @WorldEdDay on Twitter and share their Facebook page. Get engaged in the conversation, and help spread the word about eating disorders, treatment, and the possibility of living a full, recovered life!

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