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Cooking for One in Recovery

Author: Rhea Lewandoski R.D.

Woman putting food into the oven.

Cooking for one can be difficult, especially in recovery. Cooking for one requires you to be the main decision maker and head chef, this can be exhausting. However, we all know how important consistent and regular intake is for recovery from an eating disorder. I think it is important to remember that when cooking for one (or many for that matter) it does not have to be complicated.

Tips to make cooking for one simpler:

  • Keep convenient food as a staple ex. Always have a frozen easy meals on hand.

  • Keep your staple foods stocked.

  • Keep a list of easy go-to meals and snacks in your kitchen somewhere, this way you don’t have to put too much thought into it.

  • Plan some of your dinners out ahead of time so you know you have the groceries to make them.

  • Trying new meals can increase your willingness to cook for yourself.

  • Make sure you include foods you truly enjoy.

  • Plan for leftovers – especially freezer friendly leftovers.

  • Purchase premade items that you can add to i.e pizza dough, soups, salads, rotisserie chicken.

  • Buy your dry goods in bulk if you have the storage for it, this can help to ensure you always have them around.

  • Order a meal service.

  • Get take-out.

  • Meals ideas can be used at any time of the day (i.e. “Breakfast food” can be dinner).

Quick and Easy Meals:

  • Breakfast:

    • Overnight oats

    • Eggs, toast, and orange juice

    • Pre-made waffles or pancakes with fruit and yogurt

    • Muffin, cheese, and fruit

    • Yogurt, fruit, and granola

    • Pre-made smoothies and toast

    • Pre-made egg cups with toast

  • Lunch mains (add sides of choosing):

    • PB and J with banana sandwich

    • Macaroni and cheese with tuna and peas

    • Tuna melt

    • Canned soup with grilled cheese or toast

    • Cereal and milk

    • Egg, toast

    • Salad with grain and protein

    • Tuna or egg salad sandwich

    • Naan pizza

    • Wrap with leftover meat + fillings

    • Wrap pizza

    • Leftovers

    • Frozen flatbread

    • Snack plate

  • Dinner mains (add sides of choosing)

    • Pasta, purchased tomato sauce, meat of choice

    • Stew or soup in the crockpot

    • Casserole

    • Naan pizza

    • Flatbread

    • Canned Soup and sandwich

    • Taco salad

    • Burritos

    • Chili

    • Stir-fry

    • Rice bowls (protein of choice with raw veggies and sauce)

    • Sheet pan meals

    • Pre seasoned skewers and rice

    • Frozen pizza

    • Breakfast for dinner

    • Fried rice with egg


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