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20 Years and Counting!

This summer marks Westwind’s 20th anniversary, and we feel very fortunate to be part of so many people’s recovery stories.

Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Centre has offered residential treatment for eating disorders since 1998, and is unlike any other residential treatment facility in Canada. Throughout the 20 years Westwind has been operating, our staff have followed an approach that allows our clients to be independent within a supportive and collaborative therapeutic environment.

Bryan Gustdal formed Westwind after recognizing the lack of care for eating disorder clients, not only in our city, but in our province and country. He and another former mental health worker set up a residential centre where clients from across the country, and the globe, could come to work on recovery.

Westwind has changed throughout the years, in staff, and in location, but has always maintained the focus on giving our clients the skills, resources, and confidence to pursue a life without the eating disorder. In 2013, two long-time counsellors with Westwind took over as Directors. Tresa Clemmensen and Valarie Bittner have continued the legacy of Westwind as a place for healing and change, while expanding our programming to include online programs and counselling services. Clients from all over the world have sought out Westwind for our collaborative, supportive, and individualized treatment model.

This year, we are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Westwind – looking back at where we’ve come from, and also toward where we are heading. We are committed to spending the next 20 years continuing to give our clients the same level of care that guides our clients towards full recovery.

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